ALERT! FRAUD CASE – SMEJS (Please Read more to protect yourself!)
**郑重声明 IT IS A FRAUD CASE !!!** 近日面子书上有不法份子**(Johor SME Sdn Bhd)**未经本会允准之下盗用本会, 片宣导中小企业贷款广告, 本会在此严正声明, **此具有误导性及盗用本会照片的广告并非本会所发出**, 敬请各位中小企业商家们留意, **避免上当**。 本会将保留对该机构盗用本会照片采取法律起诉权力。在此附上一份警方报案书, 本会将向MCMC (通讯和多媒体监管机构)举报, 以采取进一步行动。对于那些因上述误导性帖子而受害之人士, 建议马上向警方报案。 We referred to the posting by Johor SME Sdn Bhd. We wish to reiterate that the FB and it's posting is totally has no connection with SME Association of Johor Selatan. The photo and logo posted on their FB were being used without the permission and authorization from our Association. Police report had been lodged (as enclosed). We will report to MCMC for further action. It is advisable for those whom have been victimised or misled by the said posting to lodge a police report too.